Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do You Remember September?

In September I entered two prints into a juried print show put on by Saltgrass Printmakers and the University of Utah Art Department. It showed at the Gittins Gallery. The grand prize was awarded to my good friend, Amber Heaton, for her mysterious jellyfish prints. Here are my pieces that were in the show. Both were printed on the letterpress. The first one, Pony and Pondwater, I originally made for a print exchange, A La Carte, put on by Leia Bell, which showed at Signed & Numbered in 2009. It was also featured in the Summer 2010 edition of the Graphic Impressions quarterly newsletter. I made it from type, cintra, and photopolymer made from hand drawn scribe coat negatives. Scribe coat is a coated plastic originally used for map making. The coated side can be scratched into with sharp objects, making a negative image, which can then be used as a negative to expose photopolymer plates. Oh, the joys of printmaking. The second one, Cat Talk, was made from a pressure print (a process where a matrix made from cut paper is used,) linocuts, and photopolymer made from hand drawn scribe coat negatives. A somewhat exciting fact: Cat Talk is double-sided. The backside is a series of triangles in blue. I was originally going to make the print on that side (this is the image the pressure print made) but decided I liked the opposite side, where the pressure print made an indentation of the triangles into the paper.

Cat Talk is a print version of a drawing, which I made for the Kayo Gallery members show last year.

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