Sunday, October 24, 2010

Traveling Right Now

A couple of my friends (including the great Laura Decker) and I were asked to participant in a traveling show Saltgrass Printmakers was doing with the Utah Arts Council Traveling Exhibition Program. I believe the show is going to 3 high schools and universities, so I think it's supposed to be educational. We were asked to write a description of the concept for one of the pieces, so folks could learn about the artistic process. I wrote one for the piece below, which I originally made for a print exchange organized by my sister, Camilla Taylor, that showed at Kayo Gallery this last summer.

Media: Photopolymer made from hand-drawn negative, lino cut on letterpress
Description of concept for "Middle Ground": This piece was done in response to a print exchange with the theme of liminality. Liminality means to be in an intermediate state, or at a threshold. The image is of an arctic fox with a small bird. The arctic fox is in a state of losing his winter coat, transforming into his summer coat. The colors I chose are more related to fire than to arctic ice, relating to the fox's changing state of mind. The space between the fox and the bird, a relation not seen in the wild, is a representation of a threshold between their two different worlds. I often use patterns of triangles in my work, as shown in the fox's summer coat. The triangles usually represent a group consciousness in my work. In this piece I used it to portray the fox's connectivity to the world around him, and the group consciousness therein.

The two pieces below are also in the show.

"Bill" was originally made for a print exchange organized by Signed & Numbered where the theme was "notorious."

"Not Widely Known" or "Razzle" was made for a print exchange, with the theme of "secret" also organized by my sister, Camilla, and it showed at Kayo Gallery, a couple years ago.

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