Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alt Press Fest

The Alt Press Fest is coming up!! July 9th, at the City Library, it's going to be bananas. I'll be there! (Talk to Mr. Clinton Watson about it: it's going to be fearless, and poka-dotted!) Headed by our fearless leader, Ryan Perkins, the Alt Press Fest posters were made this year by my friends Laura Decker, Max Kelly, Valerie Jar, Whitney Shaw, and myself. We made them last year, and went all out in hearts and stars by screen printing and letterpressing them. However, this year, things didn't move as sweetly, so we've had them digitally printed. Which is alright by me. (You can ask Ryan how he feels about it, earnest fellow that he is.) We made the posters so that they can function as both posters and be cut down into postcards (innovation, guys!) We took a team approach and made the poster collectively. Each of us did our part of the poster based on a book or movie (presumably one that can be checked out from the City Library.) My book muse was Momo by Michael Ende. However, the City Library does not have a copy of Momo (I better write them a tear-jerker of a letter.)
In regards to the posters of yesteryear: Ryan designed the typography. He, personally, screenprinted the images for all 6 versions, with me as his chatty helper/catcher/obnoxious person standing around. My image featured My Man Friday:

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