Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Afternoon Conversations

Right now I am really happy. This is because in the past couple weeks I made my first two sales on my etsy shop (one of which happened tonight!) So, in the name of celebration, I decided it was time to post more prints on my etsy shop, and at the same time post one of those prints on here. All the while I will be drinking a white russian in celebratory form (well, it's not really a white russian, as there is no half and half in the house right now, so I substituted almond milk in place of cream: delicious!)

Below is a letterpress print I made for a show of work by me and my talented co-workers at the Book Arts Program, which showed at Signed & Numbered in 2009. The title is "Afternoon Conversations." It is of a giraffe and crocodile conversing. Conversing about what, I can't say. They might be talking about the current state of the jungle, the weather, or how fond they are of their mutual friend, Gerald. I often like to depict two animals that wouldn't normally interact in the "real world" in order to create a sort of whimsical land in which these animals might reside and interact in a way unfamiliar to us. It's an unusual image for me, in that it's nearly completely lacking any color. The only color used (other than black and white) is a very subtle tan used in the sun and a bit in the animals. I put it in the animals to represent a common life force shared with the sun. The size of the animals, and how they are rendered was inspired by an old book cover I found at the J. Willard Marriott Library. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the book, and I'm very sorry for that, as I'd like to give it credit here. It's additionally unfortunate that I may not be able to find the book again, because I returned it, and because I check out so many weird books from the Marriott Library keeping track of them would be near impossible (or boring, requiring work-like charts and tables.)


  1. I like. Mucho.
    Also, I dig the pic of "The Dude" swaying to the beat.

  2. Claire! Do you remember me from high school? I just happened upon your blog and you are so talented.

  3. I do remember you, Michelle! I'll look at your blog.